Zimo MS450p22 Sound decoder for ICE4 PluX22 PCB (preconfigured)
  • Zimo MS450p22 Sound decoder for ICE4 PluX22 PCB (preconfigured)

Zimo MS450p22 Sound decoder for ICE4 PluX22 PCB (preconfigured)

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Zimo MS450p22 Soundecoder with preconfigured 16bit ICE4 sound project suitable for our Plux22 motor vehicle board with PluX22 interface and interior lighting for Piko ICE4. In order to be able to control all functions such as driver's cab lighting, high beam, etc. depending on the direction, this decoder is specially tailored to the PluX22 board for the ICE4 and is equipped with an additional 22-pin on the index pin.


  • MS sound decoder MS450P22 with 16-bit sound and 15V energy storage connection
  • PluX22 interface according to NEM658
  • Dimensions: 30 x 15 x 4mm
  • Motor/total current: 1.2 A (2.5 A peak)
  • Audio Power: 3W
  • Speakers from 4 to 8 ohms can be used.
  • 10 function outputs (including 1 on soldering pads), 2 logic level and servo outputs
  • Equipped with all ZIMO features: DCC, mfx, MM, SUSI, RailCom, NMRA and ZIMO function mapping, and much more.
  • mfx with automatic login to the Centra Station (CS2 & CS3)

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RailCom is a registered trademark of Lenz Elektronik GmbH, Giessen
mfx is a registered trademark of Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH, Göppingen

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